star. Install Explain .star          

1.Enter ‐Lucky Star/ official website。www.lucky999.net

2.Click ‐Game Download/ to go to the download page。



3.Click to download ‐Downlaod/。 TOP



4.Click the Download button, select Save, save it to the folder where
  you want to install。



5.The download is complete, double-click the icon after downloading,
  to install。 TOP



6. Select Run。



7. To install the game to the folder you want to install。
 ‐Easy Installation/: keep clicking "Next" until the installation
             is complete。
 ‐General Installation/: change the path of the game on their own
               desired location。
  For example: the game installation path is C: \ LuckyStar。TOP



8. Installation was successful, click Finish。TOP



9. Click LuckyStar StartUpd.exe, enter the game。TOP



10.Enter the account password OK
  To apply for an account, please contact your dealer。TOP



11.Please carefully read the terms and accept the terms of the
   agreement, entered the game。TOP

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